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« Pour garder intacts ces instants magiques »
Photographe - Bruxelles - Laeken
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RiC Amaro Photography

Photographer: Cédric Gypen

Having completed a photography course at St Luc in 1999, he began working on a number of personal Art Deco projects. He spent six months in Amsterdam learning Dutch, and indulging his passion for life and meeting new people. He then decided to take a different course and embarked on a five-year career in sales. He now works as a freelance photographer, focusing primarily on fashion, advertising, portraits and social photo journalism.
"Even when I went to work in sales, I didn't give up on photography altogether. I still had some ideas that I wanted to pursue. I had some unfulfilled ambitions, and that's how I found my way back into the studio. I got back in touch with some of my old contacts in the photography world, and that's what set the ball rolling.
I was particularly interested in fashion, since it's a world that undergoes constant change and renewal. Photo journalism is something completely different, and this has helped me to diversify my skills. I have a particular interest in the themes of childhood, birth and the natural world.
I'm driven by a constant desire to improve myself.
I also realise that the numerous models and colleagues I've worked with on different projects have had a major influence on my development."

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